I'm Relinda Vanderwal Fisher, MA, LMFT,  a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in California. 

The fact that you are looking into working with a therapist is an admirable decision that reveals strength and can create great benefit to you in your relationships. We all go through trying times during which we experience relational challenges. Change is a constant in life.  Life presents us with unexpected challenges in the form of both profound, unexpected events and ongoing relational challenges that impact us deeply and push us to what we think are our limits. There is much to be gained when we are intent on building healthier and stronger relationships with our loved ones, the treasures of our lives. 

Should we decide to work together, as a California Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, the purpose of my practice is to provide a safe space, a sanctuary of sorts, where I guide you to discover insights and strengths about yourself within the context of your relationships. Together we can develop strategies that empower you to create the healthy changes you are needing.  I will help you connect with your existing internal resources that you have forgotten or not yet experienced, gain insights into how you interact within your relationships while working toward creating greater satisfaction.  Your context might include such things profound adversity, compound losses, grief, caregiving  for those with chronic health issues, parenting, life transitions, aging, caring for aging loved ones and navigating these unique family and relational dynamics, all within a range of mental health concerns.  Instead of trying to avoid or resist reality, working through adversity can offer us opportunities to mine the gems that are embedded throughout the difficult challenges.

I look forward to exploring the privilege of working with you in your journey toward healing, increased mental and emotional health and growth in your relationships with others. If we are a good therapist-client fit, I will be honored to be an honest voice in your life, gaining insights, encouraging your strengths, and offering you guidance to create greater satisfaction in your relationships.  Are you ready to explore, find and curate the possible gems and gifts hidden within your adversities?  Click the appointment request button to contact me today. 

 I am currently providing telehealth appointments for California residents who are in California.

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